Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tour time

Today is my last day in Regensburg. Instead of leisurely breakfasting in the Old Town, which Albi and I have done for the last 2 mornings, I ate granola and yogurt on his couch and spent 1.5 hours figuring out accommodations for the next few nights. I'll be heading to Dresden today, going to Jena tomorrow and finally Berlin on Tuesday. Instead of the train, I've set up rideshares for each leg of the journey, which is cheaper by far but much harder to arrange. (Talking on the phone with people in German is not one of my stronger suites.) Honestly, my main worry is how I'm going to transport all of the luggage I brought with me. Bringing enough stuff for 3 months means that I have a lot to lug around, and often I have to walk to the train station or hostel or pick-up point with all of it. I know I'm supposed to be adventurous here but all I really want to do is set up shop in Berlin and have a place to call home for a few months. Being a nomad does not sit well with me. A sign that I am getting older, I suppose.

On the bright side, I'll be seeing my friend Travis from Seattle as he plays shows with Mamiffer the next three nights, the last show being in Berlin which will be the most fun ever. It's really cool that we can be here at the same time. His tour will take him to Hamburg the next night, which is where I will break off from him and head to Tuebingen to visit Niko and others. I also have a cell phone now which makes me feel more secure in a way. It is not an iPhone, which feels REALLY weird, but it's probably a good idea to wean myself off it for a while. I now actually have to write stuff down and research BEFORE leaving the house.

Ok, time to get ready for Dresden.


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