Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rest day on Waiheke Island

March 6th 2014

Because of the ferry schedules, I can't leave Waiheke Island until tomorrow night (Friday). Which means laundry, relaxation, and a bit of exploration around this fantastic place. (Still on the bike, but without all that pesky luggage to weigh me down. I feel like superwoman!)

I visited a few of the beaches. Here's The Strand:

And Palm Beach:

In the evening, I went to pub trivia night with my hosts Roger and Els. We didn't win :( but a lot of the questions are based around New Zealand, so there's a fair chance of me not knowing the answer anyway. My team all agreed though: Waiheke can be addictive. I think they're right! It's nice and sunny here, worlds away from Auckland although it's just a half hour ferry ride away. Tomorrow I have to move on to the Coromandel... For better or for worse. 


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