Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oktoberfest, or "Auf der Wies'n"

I went to Oktoberfest and took some pictures! Here they are. (OK, some of them. Had to be selective, of course.)
Benny goes T-Rex on the WeiƟwurst, a traditional Bavarian breakfast sausage

The crew in Dirndls and Lederhosen

Kyle and I are ready to hit the Wies'n

No Bavarian breakfast is complete without Bretzel and Obazda
On our way

Gorgeous server boy who was friends with Mikkel and got us into the tent

We became 6 when an Irish man named Joe joined us

Probably my fav pic from the day.

Joe and I became friends

Not sure who this guy is but we decided to do German Stern Face. He might have been German, actually.
Joe + Randoms

This guy was from Georgia! (The state, not the country)

dancing on tables...
...with cute German women

and this guy! (whoever he is)

Gotta love that hat.
Me and Benny, BFFs for life.

Kyle is so photogenic, it's ridiculous.

Randoms outside
Random dude - but in a BERET

The next day, starting again

thanks for the great weekend, boys!