Monday, March 31, 2014

Rest Day in Richmond/Nelson

I decided to hike the Abel Tasman coastal trail while I am in the area. This meant that today was dedicated to planning. Lorene and Brent are very gracious hosts and are letting me stay tonight and Wednesday night again once I'm back from the hike. They are also lending me a backpack and a set of shoes to walk in, and letting me store my bike and panniers at their place. They are so awesome!

Of course, planning didn't take the whole day, so I went and checked out the World of Wearable Art museum. WOW was started 25 years ago - and one of Brent's aunts is one of the founders! Crazy. The costumes these people create are simply astounding. 

I wasn't allowed to take pictures in the art museum, but cameras were allowed in the other part, the Classic Cars museum. I'm not a big car person but I did find a few interesting, such as the Delorian:

This little 60's German precursor to the Smart Car:

And of course, the Ford Model T. My grandmother drove through the Wild West in one of these when she was a child. 

I checked out the town of Nelson. It's a cute little town. They have free workout machines at the beach, which I thought was interesting:

I also checked out the church steps and the cathedral. 

Not sure what this was, but I thought it was interesting. It caught my eye on the way into town yesterday.

I had cycled into Nelson so I cycled back to have dinner with Lorene and Brent at their home in Richmond. The sky provided a nice view for the ride back. Which is good, because the ride is 12km one way. I always end up biking a bit even on my rest days. 24km! 

Tomorrow will be my first day completely, 100% off the bike. I wonder if it will feel like part of me is missing, or if I'll be glad for the break? Only time will tell! I'll be off in Abel Tasman National Park for a day and a half. Should be good fun. 


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